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Q. Is a contractor's license required to bid and contract electrical work?

Yes, a contractor's license is required to bid and contract all electrical work including, but not limited to, sound, alarms, TV systems, computer data, telephone, etc.

Q. Is a journeyman's certificate required to perform electrical work?

Yes, a journeyman's certificate of competence in the appropriate classification required to perform all electrical work, including low voltage, and special systems.

Q. Are inspections required on all permitted work?

Yes, inspections are required on all permitted work. Basic inspections include a rough-in, pre-final, and final inspection for each trade (general building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical.)

Q. I already have my plumbing license, do I still need to get an LP license if I'm going to install LP gas?

Yes, your business does need to be LP licensed in the State of New Mexico. You need to take the LP exam and when you pass the LP test for your classification, you will become the Qualifying party under the business LP license. Since November 15, 1997, we have implemented a new classification for anyone carrying an MM2 or an MM98 classification.

Q. How long do I have to renew my journeyman certificate of competence before I have to retest?

Six months, but you must pay a penalty fee in order to renew your license.

Q. Will I have to re-test if I do not pay my journeyman renewal fee within 6-months of certificate expiration?

Yes, your certificate will be voided and you must take all portions of the appropriate journeyman exam.

Q. How long will my journeyman certificate be valid?

Once you have been issued a certificate and you continue to renew your certificate on time and pay all appropriate fees, your certificate will continue to be valid.

Q. What if my employer does not want to give me verification of employment towards my journeyman certification?

Other sources such as schooling or military work may suffice.

Q. I tested last year for journeyman certification and passed one portion of my exam. How long do I have until I can go retest and not have to take the portion I passed?

One year.

Q. I'm a licensed contractor, but have never pulled an electrical/mechanical permit for State jurisdiction, what is the process?

Contact our staff at (505) 827-7030 to order your own stock of contractor's pre-printed permits. Once you receive your permits, fill out the appropriate types of work to be done and follow instructions on the back of the permit. You may mail or drop-off the permit to the inspector's pick-up site.

taken from the NM RLC/CID website



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